Welcome to Havenwood!

Visitors are always welcome to Havenwood! Established in 1661, the town is chock full of rich history, fun activities, and plenty to do. The town is home to a variety of resources such as agriculture, fishing, light industry, and a plethora of entrepreneurial pursuits that can be found all along Main Street such as the Aquitaine hotel.

Current Month

We are currently playing in the month of June, 2017. Members, please make sure to date all threads, logs, and narratives accordingly. When you're ready to move on, please let us know by leaving a comment in the Members Dropbox.


September 16th, 2012

Rules & Guidelines

  • Be nice to each other. This includes being courteous and respectful. At Havenwood, we're respectful of all players no matter their ethnicity, race, creed, or orientation. Rude, unkind, and generally disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Anyone engaging in that kind of behavior will be asked to leave.
  • Communicate. Communication is an important aspect of RP since it's a collaborative process. It's very important that you communicate with your fellow group members whether it's to inform us you won't be available for a certain length of time, or if it's just to let us know you're going to be slower to respond than usual. Additionally, you must be comfortable approaching and IMing other players to discuss lines, ideas, and plot.
  • You must be of age. At Havenwood, we do not accept players who are considered minors in their country. You must be considered a legal adult in the country you currently live in order to join this community.
  • Gameplay is character driven versus plot driven.
  • Logs and threads are posted to [info]havenwoodlogs.
  • Optional social updates are posted to [info]havenwoodnet.
  • Logs, threads, and social updates are supplemented with additional prompts (also optional).
  • Havenwood is NOT a fast paced game and we run on delayed time.
  • Proof of activity is not required. Just check in once a month and let the group know which character(s) or thread(s) you want to focus on and that you need a reply in order to proceed. In return, which threads can you help your partner focus on?
  • POSTING: It will now be encouraged to leave scenes uncut if they are three paragraphs or less. However, if your scene is three paragraphs or more, please put the rest under a cut. Content can now range from anything from G to NC-17, however, explicit content must be entirely under a cut, locked, and tagged with the appropriate entry tags.
  • Holds last two (2) weeks with no extensions. Anon holds are not accepted.
  • If a player does not submit their application within two (2) weeks the PB or character will be released for someone else to apply for and the player will need to wait a week before holding the PB and/or character again if they haven't been taken.
  • Players can pick up an application here that needs to be filled out to the best of their ability.
  • If you're applying for the first time, links to writing samples must be provided. Be warned that an application that isn't completely filled out may be rejected by the Mod or they might ask you to fully complete the app before approving along with any edits, tweaks, or expansions they request you make.
  • After you've submitted your app, make sure to send join requests to [info]havenwoodlogs, [info]havenwoodnet, and [info]havenwoodooc.
  • Journals for Havenwood must have an OOC contact post with screened comments, your characters application, and any disclaimers for your character (if necessary).
  • Characters are added as soon as the Mod is available to add them.
  • Once you've been accepted, head over to one of our member areas and run the friend all button to add everyone.
  • Additionally, you'll be required to introduce your character ICly at [info]havenwoodlogs or [info]havenwoodnet as well as [info]havenwoodooc within two weeks or they'll be removed.