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Visitors are always welcome to Havenwood! Established in 1661, the town is chock full of rich history, fun activities, and plenty to do. The town is home to a variety of resources such as agriculture, fishing, light industry, and a plethora of entrepreneurial pursuits that can be found all along Main Street such as the Aquitaine hotel.

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September 15th, 2012


Established in 1661, the town was founded by three families: The Millers, the Rosewoods, and the Sullivans. All three families rose to be prominent figures in the community and contributed significantly to Havenwood's growth. The Millers established themselves as the communities primary farmers, the Rosewoods business and finance, and the Sullivans contributed to the growing communities import and exports. At it's founding, none of the families would ever think that their little town would ever become a haven for the strange. Yet, two of the families held closely guarded secrets that would be revealed almost exactly 200 years later.

To the community at large, the Rosewoods were two brothers, Flynn and Tobias who were both upstanding citizens. In reality, Flynn and Tobias were related only by the fact that they were both exiled Fae. Flynn, a prince of the Seelie Court, had been banished by his father for defying his mandate to not associate with mortals and Tobias for choosing to remain Flynn's loyal bodyguard and following him to the mortal realm. Unbeknownst to the two Fae, their presence awoke an ancient portal to the Fae realm, one that had been sealed for it's instability and odd effects it enacted to it's surroundings.

Shortly after the town's founding, the Strangeness began. People would go missing only to reappear sometime later with wild and fantastic stories of far off times, places—some ancient and some strange—and those that disappeared, never to be heard of again... Well, superstition ran rampant among the populous, particularly when it came to Millers Woods where the infamous Legend of Thaddeus' Ghost still haunts the woods today (or so the story goes). But as time went on, the citizens of Havenwood became accustomed to the strange charm of their town, even when the Strangers began to come and go as much as their native populous.

Havenwood became a mecca for the supernatural world and as the town grew, so did the supernatural populous. The Sullivans established themselves as the town's primary Lycan pack and this continued down the generations up to the start of the 1860s when the Strangeness began again. With this new cycle, tensions began to mount with the newer generations and new citizens unfamiliar with the town's history. Unable to handle the odd occurrences, these citizens caused unrest among the supernaturals. In 1863, the onset of the Civil War finally triggered turf wars between several species in the town.

It wasn't until months later that Flynn and Tobias Rosewood finally made the connection that the cause of all the unrest was due to the unstable Fae portal. It took many more months before they could figure out a way to permanently seal it with the help of the town's many witches. Still, the damage had been done and the wars continued until 1865 when the latest territorial war threatened to expose their entire community to the outside world. The Havenwood Treaty was formed and signed by a representative of each major species: The Fae, Humans, Shapeshifters, and Vampires. The essence of the Treaty was to uphold the peace of the town rather than risk the exposure of the supernatural community at large. It is an accord that had been strictly upheld all these years, but, strange things are about to happen once again and the Fate of Havenwood will be in the hands of its Supernatural citizens...