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WELCOME Havenwood is a forum-based urban fantasy/slice-of-life RPG that's hosted on JCINK. We've been up and running for approximately three years with a friendly Admin team and players. Recently, we have moved to a new RP platform as well as restarted for fresh and new content, so many storylines and connections are open and waiting to be filled. If you're interested, please use the links below to find out more. Please get in touch with our Admins by sending an email to havenwoodmods@gmail.com if you can't access any of the content linked below. premise / rules / species / current cast / wanted / holds / apply
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Site Outage Aftermath [31 Dec 2030|11:59pm]
UPDATE #2 - 3/9/17 @ 4:27 PM EST
Alright, so the Remove All does not actually work. You'll need to do everything as originally instructed re: friends lists.


UPDATE #1 - 3/9/17
It appears as if the Remove All button is working and has been updated with all the journals that were on the Edit Friends list as of 2:53 PM EST. So, you can now remove everyone very easily and re-add everyone once your membership request as been approved.

If you're trying to access the Members Area but can't see it, it's because you haven't sent us a membership request or we haven't gotten around to approving it, yet, and adding you to the friends button/members custom group. At this time, the friends button only contains journals that are currently listed as members of [info]havenwoodlogs.


So, as you may have guessed, there are some kinks to work out. The easiest way to do this is two ways...

  1. Go here.
  2. And here...
  3. ...And here, too.
  4. Got a weird error? It's probably the one that's been around long before the Site Outage of 2017, but just in case, please comment below to inform us that you sent your join request.
  1. You'll have to do it manually. Yes, it sucks, but it's the simplest way to do it at the moment as the Remove All button will not work. Firefox users can use this add-on to help make the process easier. We're working on finding something for Chrome users. UPDATE: [info]tessisamess has made a mini-tutorial that is a good alternative to use.
  2. Go here. Uncheck everyone. Firefox users, just highlight everyone > rt-click > Uncheck > Save Changes.
  3. Head to the Members Area after a Mod had responded to your join request and click the recently updated Friend All button.
Comment if you run into problems, please.

Dropbox [30 Dec 2030|12:59am]
This is where you can contact the Mods if you have questions, concerns, need to request a hiatus, would like to submit ideas, or just leave a general comment. Please allow 48 hours for a response before contacting the Mods again because we all know how much IJ loves to not notify us of new comments sometimes :P. The inbox is cleaned out once a month. Comments are screened.
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Holds [29 Dec 2030|11:59pm]
Comment with your hold request. Holds last for seven days and Anon requests will be deleted. Names in bold means the requested face is on hold until the specified date. Please let us know if you need the 3-day extension. A plus sign (+) after the date means the hold has a 3-day extension. Names in italics means an application is pending review.
Leave a comment to request a hold! :)Read more... )

Wanted Storylines [28 Dec 2030|11:59pm]
Listed in the comments below are all the storylines and ideas our players have for Havenwood. When adding your own, please use the form below. Once a storyline has been filled, the comment is screened.

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Apply [27 Dec 2030|11:59pm]
ADDS DONE EVERY MON., WED., & FRI. Apps can be found here. Please fill it out completely or it may be rejected. Once a month, we clean out the comment section.

Once you've submitted your app, send a request to join here, here, and here.Read more... )

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